What Is 3-Way Matching & How Does It Work?

3 way match

Three-way matching creates a built-in check to the vendor payment process, ensuring a positive supplier-buyer relationship. Sometimes, your AP department might identify errors, like price and quantity issues or product damages. If there are any issues, your business will usually withhold payment until the discrepancy is rectified.

Right now, software is the best way to complete three-way matching; however, AI technologies will drive the future. Also called a receiving report or delivery receipt, the GRN confirms that the receiving department has received the delivery. It contains information about the delivered items and states whether the delivery was full or partial. The 3-way invoice matching process offers a host of procurement advantages to businesses. And three-way matching doesn’t only benefit your business—because of the expedited invoice approval process, it also maintains a positive buyer-supplier relationship.

How can three-way matching benefit your business?

In case of any mismatch between the purchase order and invoice, the payment against the invoice is kept on hold until the discrepancies are resolved. For instance, let’s say that the IT team needs 200 new licenses of collaboration software. After an internal requisition order is sent to the purchasing department, it is approved, and a purchase order is made. In conclusion, the journey through the intricacies of three-way matching reveals its critical role in financial management. While challenges exist, the implementation of best practices and the integration of advanced technologies can transform this process from a potential bottleneck to a strategic advantage.

Issues could include wrong payment details, incorrect prices, wrong or damaged products etc. Before processing vendor payments, AP teams go over these 3 documents to verify that the product/service received by the company matches the details of what was initially ordered. Automating 3-way matching makes your accounts payable team significantly more efficient while ensuring you don’t overpay your suppliers.

Financial Control and Accountability:

The accounts payable team conducted 2-way matching before inputting the invoice into the system to notice a difference of Rs.54,000. The invoice was to be raised for Rs.14,50,000 instead of Rs.15,04,000. On analysis of the results, the AP team noticed that due to a transposition error, the price of the batteries was entered as Rs.7,520 instead of Rs.7,250 in the invoice. The AP team reached out to the vendor, who after realising their mistake, re-shared the correct invoice with the manufacturer. It also helps decide if an invoice has to be paid partly or in full. It is the process of matching purchase orders (PO), receipt notes, and supplier invoices to stop fraud, save money, and keep records for the audit trail.

If the details are accurate in a 3-way match, the invoice is approved, and the payment is released. Since employees can use corporate credit cards and buy any software, the finance teams need to learn about 70% of the IT resources. Zluri lets you see what’s going on with these apps and fixes the accounting problems that come with them, easing the finance team’s pain. We have information about one billion different SaaS transactions, so we can determine how much a client spends on an app.

Way Matching

Hence, a three-way match simplifies the end-to-end procurement process. In the intricate world of finance and accounting, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. One essential process that aids in achieving these goals is three-way matching. This meticulous procedure involves comparing three crucial documents – purchase orders, invoices, and receiving reports – to ensure that the quantities, prices, and terms align. According to an ACFE report, companies lose up to 5% of their annual revenue on fraudulent or unauthorized spends.

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