Do you have what it takes to be employed?

Do you have what it takes to be employed?

Given my experience as a recruiter, I often get asked for jobs by so many people and I always think to myself, “what makes you think you will be given the job?”. Job seekers are always focused on their need to get jobs but often ignore the most important part, which is ‘what does it take to get the job?’. The selected candidate is often determined by the interview panelists but as a job seeker, you need to put in the work that could potentially mean being selected. You may want to reflect on a couple of questions as you undergo your job seeking process;

1) Does your CV represent and market you well?
You should make sure that your CV represents and markets you but more so that the recruiter thinks that. When writing a CV, you should always have the reader/recruiter in mind given they are the decision makers. The structure of your CV is key because some recruiters will make a decision about it in seconds; thus it should be very easy to read and in turn favorable to you. Do not include a photo on your CV unless requested.

2) What process do you follow when applying for job?
Making applications is often a generic process when job seekers make submissions. However, in the current competitive job market, dropping off or emailing your CV to a recruiter should not be enough. Imagine the number of applications they receive, but what makes you think yours will be the one they pay more attention to, unless you are what they are looking for specifically to a job. Otherwise your CV will sit in a database with the rest of them. My advise would be that where possible, you make it a point to make physical contact with the recruiter(to put a face to the CV) because it is easier to remember someone and recommend them or put them forward than remember a CV. But it also helps when you are competent for the job.

3) Can you do the job ?
This comes down to your skills, abilities, and qualifications. Being competent for the job at hand means you have what it takes to do the job as outlined in the job description. You need to be honest with yourself and not think that the employer is looking for someone they can train and grow into the role, unless stated. Otherwise, most employers are looking for someone who can hit the ground running. Your willingness to do the job will be determined by your attitude, interest and motivation. Applying for a job you know you cannot do questions your integrity in the recruiter’s eyes (be mindful of that).

4) Will you fit into the team and the organization at large?
This comes down to your personality. Personal Development (PD) is a way to better understand yourself, your uniqueness, character and talents, your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your aspirations and potentials. It is a way to become a better version of yourself in every aspect of your life. Unfortunately, PD is continuously neglected by job seekers but as a recruiter if I have to decide between two people who can both technically do the job, the selection of one over the other will be influenced by their uniqueness in character and personality.

5) How much time do you spend preparing for an interview?
Preparing for an interview is very important but it is usually ignored. Most candidates think that because they have done the job before, they should be able to pass the interview. But interviewing is a skill and like any other skill, it requires practice to get better over time. The more interviews you attend with preparation and practice, the better you will get and the greater the chances of you landing that job.

So next time you approach any recruiter or employer asking for a job, ask yourself “do I have what it takes for them to give me the job?”.

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Halima Muhamed  CEO - The Fount Ltd

By Halima Muhamed, CEO – The Fount Ltd


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