Series of connected employment opportunities

A career is a series of connected employment opportunities whereas a job can sometimes simply be something you do to earn money. Some jobs can certainly turn into a career as long as you build on the experience and advance your job skills and knowledge.

Typically, people seek career guidance when they are trying to choose a career for the first time, or perhaps when they are going through a transition. However, career guidance should start at O-Level and throughout your working life.

Choosing a career is one of the most important decision you will ever make and getting it wrong could cost you a lot of time. While it is easier to seek career guidance from your friends and family, it is certainly not advised unless they are a career guidance professional.

Given the amount of time spent at work, you should make well-informed career decisions because it could mean the difference between ending up in a satisfying career or one that makes you miserable.

Your career can be determined by specialising in something you either love and are passionate about, something you are good at or something you are talented in and comes easy and natural to you.

We use different self-assessment tools to help you realise your interests, values, skills, and personality type which in turn can influence the career path you take. We also keep up to date with the ever-changing market trends in the different industries that play a key part in the guidance we offer.