Halima Muhamed (MA.HRM, Assoc-CIPD)

Halima is a certified Human Resources professional (CIPD-UK) with over 10 years of HR and Recruitment experience. She holds a Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Human Resource Management from Kinston University, London. A highly experienced and trained recruiter who started her practice in the UK for over 6 years where she was at the forefront of a number of senior recruitments before joining True North Consult Ltd as a Senior HR Consultant in charge of Recruitment. Since joining True North, she has worked on several Recruitments and other HR Consultancy assignments with the responsibility for designing tools and processes as wells as leading the execution of core aspects of the assignments.

It is from this background that she was able to identify a gap within the Ugandan job market and felt obliged to bridge it with the foundation of ‘The Fount’. She recognised that people miss out on their desired career paths and job opportunities because of the decisions and choices made, that may not be from an informed background.

She also appreciates that considering the amount of time we all spend at work; we should be compelled to seek professional guidance when faced with uncertainty because it could mean the difference between being satisfied and fulfilled or miserable. She also recognises that given the ever-changing market trends in the different industries; it is important to speak to a professional who can advise accordingly. She acknowledges that while it is easier to seek advice and guidance from friends and family, it is certainly not recommended unless they are professionals.

In her free time, she loves to listen to audio books and podcasts, music, watch movies and series as well as get in touch with nature.

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